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Overview- Gustavus is the Gateway to Glacier Bay!

Most people travel to Gustavus by jet, bush plane, or ferry ride from Juneau, Alaska’s capital. Alaska Airlines services our modern airport during the summer. We are located in Alaska’s southeast “panhandle”–a stretch of protected coastline that offers the best of Alaska and America to visitors from around the world.

By Ferry: The Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) has weekly sailings to the community of Gustavus, the Gateway City to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. If you’re planning a 4 day or 10 day trip, you can see more using the Alaska Marine Highway.

By Air Taxi: During daylight hours, several year-round air taxis operate to Gustavus from Juneau and other communities in Southeast Alaska.Flight seeing, nature tour drop offs and pickups in remote areas and scheduled service to small communities in the northern panhandle are offered.

By Jet: Alaska Airlines make a daily round-trip from Juneau in the summer season only. This flight connects north to Anchorage and south to Seattle. Alaska Airlines is the only jet service to southeast Alaska.

Personal Aircraft: Gustavus Airport is State-owned with jet capability. The airport has two asphalt runways: 6,700′ and 3,010″. There are many small planes, corporate jets and several air taxi services that use the airport. Float planes land at Bartlett Cove and there is a 10-mile local road connecting with the airport. Air traffic is relatively high during peak summer months.

Gustavus Dock and Small Boat Harbor: The dock is loading only and heavy tackle is necessary for mooring or anchoring nearby. Small charter boats regularly use the Gustavus Dock in the summer. Contact the City of Gustavus Marine Facilities Coordinator (MFC) for more information about utilizing the city dock. Salmon River is tidal and has a small boat harbor and ramp for unloading freight and launching private craft.

Bartlett Cove: Private boats seek better anchorage in Bartlett Cove in Glacier Bay National Park. To protect the humpback whale habitat, park regulations limit the number of boats entering Glacier Bay. Permits are required for boaters between June 1 and August 31, and may be obtained from the National Park Service 907-697-2268.

No RV facilities: Even though the ferry has provided access to recreational vehicles with Gustavus, currently there are no RV dumping facilities here. You can get propane here and a few local areas are available for parking. We recommend using dumping facilities in Juneau before arriving to Gustavus.