GVA Membership

Letter from the GVA Chair

Dear Gustavus Visitors Association Members,

Together we have had another successful tourist season in 2017. Visitors increased, something we all can be grateful for in the dynamic Glacier Bay area. To continue our efforts at broad outreach to promote our community, you will soon see the annual member dues invoice in your email. Based on current members on April 15th the map/brochure will go to print. Join us now to keep our broad base going.

Our support from the City, mandated by Ordinance, (04.14.220(b)) also increased last year in pace with the commensurate bed tax revenues. Tourism remains a mainstay of our community both seasonally and year round with our National Park staff. GVA members’ success depends on the efforts of both local members and businesses along with broader initiatives in SE Alaska and statewide.

GVA has integrated our community identity following the goals established in our Marketing Plan. Since research shows most of our tourists plan and book online, we have elevated our web efforts to capture that traffic. We look forward to another strong season in 2018! In our emerging role advocating for tourists and businesses using the ferry service, we need to become educated as a community so we can influence the Alaska Marine Highway (AMHS) schedule effectively. Visitor statistics show our port to be the highest walk on traffic in SE in summer.

Since AMHS usually uses vehicle capacity to gauge their traffic demand, we need to keep up advocacy efforts and compete with other ports for appropriate service. We have welcomed several new businesses this year and continue to encourage other tourist-dependent businesses to join us so we can have a stronger voice to act as a complete resource for the Glacier Bay visitor. All members are encouraged to solicit local businesses to join. Membership benefits this year were enhanced with higher web statistics, new mobile web interface, social media presence (Facebook and Instagram), updated and increased distribution of map and many new links with air, ferry, and SE region.

GVA members can look forward to another busy season, with GVA taking care of community advertising, web site development and monitoring of effectiveness, answering all mail, email and phone inquiries and hosting visiting travel professionals.

Our new website is running and needs your input for maximizing your links. Take a look: www.gustavusak.com There are many opportunities with this site like a photo album of your business, increased text, ability to add or change anytime and web based training on many aspects of web marketing. Please call the GVA Administrtor for help (907) 500-5143. What are your needs as a member of our dynamic community and business alliance? You can learn more about this group you’re a vital part of by attending our meetings to help us refine and validate our vision (meetings are monthly, usually one hour long and teleconferenced).

Do you have any brilliant ideas, and want some assistance from a peer to develop it? Bring it to our meetings! Members are needed to shepherd projects for GVA, we promise to provide you with a great platform and positive support! Again, thanks for all your past interest and involvement in GVA!

With Best Regards and Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year,

GVA Chair, Jim Kearns

Joining the GVA

Membership Year: October 1 – September 30

We welcome your involvement in our organization. Email your business name, a contact name and phone number we will call or email you to provide more information on membership. $150.00 per fiscal year for new members; and $125.00 year for renewing members. Thank you for joining!

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