GVA Membership

Dear friends, neighbors and fellow businesses,

COVID-19 continues to have devastating impacts on our state, city and businesses. Recovering from these vast impacts to tourism in Gustavus will take a tremendous amount of effort, diligence and creativity. One avenue is to enhance our efforts at marketing Gustavus as a visitor destination, which we believe is an essential part of our City’s economy.

The Gustavus Visitor Association (GVA) is well positioned to market Gustavus as a visitor destination. During the Covid-19 shutdowns, we have been hard at work attending statewide and region wide tourism industry meetings via zoom and enhancing our marketing, outreach, and web presence. We hope you will join us at this time with a complimentary membership. Collectively we have a far greater outreach than any single business alone.

Membership Dues & Joining Fees

Membership Dues will be suspended through Dec 2021

The GVA is offering complimentary memberships from now through December 2021 to any business or entity wishing to join or maintain their membership. In Fall 2021, we will revive our membership drive for 2022.

➢ If you have a small business or micro (very small) business, we can help with your exposure to let Gustavus and visitors know that your business exists, especially if you do not wish to maintain a website or even advertise. Contact GVA with your details and we will add you to the GVA website and map if desired.

➢ If you are a large business and already have a great social media outreach and website, then your membership inclusion will help support the community and the entrepreneur businesses. Contact GVA with your details and we will add you to the GVA website and map if desired.

Member benefits:

Online website, map and brochure advertising:

All members receive placement on the GVA Website:  https://www.gustavusak.com/ and on the GVA map in the printed brochure and at the dock kiosk. The GVA website is a constant work in progress; upgrading pages, images, maintaining high rankings on search engines, updating calendar events and improving the speed and versatility of the website to be consistent with social trends and technology. We welcome comments and ideas as we strive to improve the GVA site.

Community Outreach through advertising

All members receive community advertising through GVA paid ads with the:

  • Alaska Magazine (National and international distribution)
  • The Milepost (Statewide distribution)
  • Juneau Empire Annual Travel Guide
  • Sitka Jazz and Classics
  • Gustavus Rookery Preschool Calendar

Community Outreach and representation

All members receive community representation through GVA paid memberships, associated tourism industry meetings attended by GVA Board members and Staff, and paid membership-based website links. GVA pays the membership fees and represents our tourism community. Your involvement and communication is welcomed to ensure accurate representation.

  • Alaska Travel Industry Association and associated Travel Alaska website (National and

International marketing & advertising)

  • Southeast Alaska Tourism Council (Nationwide advertising)
  • Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau JCVB (Nationwide advertising)
  • Juneau Economic Development Council
  • Juneau Chamber of Commerce (Nationwide advertising)
  • Sitka Chamber of Commerce

GVA attendance at Regional and Statewide Travel shows and Fairs

While GVA has represented the membership at travel shows & fairs in past springs, all were cancelled this year due to Covid-19. Our budgets for these events comprise less than 10% of our annual budget but it is still important way to advertise Gustavus as a destination to other Alaskans.

 Additional Advertising Members receive through GVA

  • Trip Advisor (International advertising & reviews)
  • Yelp (International advertising & reviews)
  • Google My Business (International advertising & reviews)

We hope you will join GVA and help forge the economic recovery for Gustavus together. Thank you.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us anytime via email

Yours sincerely,

Leah Okin Co-Chair

& Lori Trummer Administator