GVA Membership

Letter from the GVA Chair

Dear GVA (Gustavus Visitors Association) member or soon to be member,

Thank you for being or becoming a valued participant in this association. Your membership keeps our broad base going!

GVA’s primary mission is to enhance the economies of the City of Gustavus through tourism marketing that increases business revenue, tax revenue, and creates jobs.

GVA is committed to promoting and elevating Gustavus’ position as a world class destination for leisure travel. GVA further serves to ensure tourism continues to contribute locally on a large scale, thereby enhancing the quality of life for all who live, work and play here!

An updated website is one of the highest priorities of the GVA marketing plan. Research shows that most of our tourists plan and book online; therefore, we have elevated our web effort to capture that traffic, and member businesses are included on the website. Members benefit with higher web statistics, new mobile web interface, social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, etc), updated and increased distribution of Gustavus map, many new links with information re: air, ferry, and the SE region, etc.

There are many opportunities for increased marketing for your individual business with this site, e.g.: add a photo album, increase text, change and/or add information at anytime, etc.

Our new website is running and needs your input for maximizing your links.

Take a look: www.gustavusak.com

Members can look forward to another busy season with GVA taking care of community advertising, website development, updates and effective monitoring.

We invite you to join or renew your membership with GVA!

Membership year: October 1 – September 30

Annual membership dues:            125.00 renewal     150.00 new members

Thank you for joining, and we wish you a healthy, happy and successful season!

Yours Sincerely,

Leah Okin
GVA Chair

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