Gustavus COVID-19 Information

We have an amazing community that is adapting to the current COVID-19 pandemic that is widespread across Alaska. As you adjust to life in Gustavus, we hope these insider tips will assist and inform you.

In an effort to keep yourselves and our community safe, please utilize the accepted practices of social distancing, hand washing, surface cleaning, and face coverings/ masks. Gustavus has a large number of residents who are immuno-compromised and who appreciate your cooperation with these practices.

IMPORTANTLY: If you are under quarantine or an essential worker that has come to Gustavus from out of state, please refrain from entering community establishments until your quarantine is complete or until you have received a negative second Covid test.

Gustavus Information

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Please Note: Gustavus has had eight known COVID-19 Positive cases to date. 


Travelling to Gustavus

Before traveling to Alaska you should first open the FAQ to familiarize yourself with the latest information for travel and recommendations.

Click on this link to view FAQ on traveling to Gustavus: 10.1_gustavus_faq_1 2

Click on this link to view the most recent travel checklist:   COVID_travel_checklist

Click on this link to view the flow chart of protocols :  TravelChart

Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS)  information click here: dot.alaska.govamhs/covid19.shtml?_ga=2.99980375.813382254.1593016075-213332110.1585341008
Private air carriers:  Ward Air and Alaska Seaplanes are asking that people who have not been in state for more than 14 days symptom-free, to please wear a mask in facilities and on aircraft. 

Alaska Travel FAQ click here: Alaska Travel FAQ Link

 Alaska health / Gov Covid mandates click here:  Additional reference information

Traveling between Alaskan Communities

Testing is not required if you are traveling within Alaska.

Alaska Airlines requires you to wear a mask.

Alaska Seaplanes strongly recommends that you wear a mask when unable to maintain 6ft distance to protect yourselves and others who may be traveling from outside the state. Please bring your own mask.

Gustavus Visitors’ Association Recommends:

  • Before leaving your current destination, take either the 5 day or 72 hour Covid test and wait for your results, then fly to Alaska.
Once you make it through all of the hoops and you have passed all of the requirements, we can finally say:


Testing and Clinic arrangements

Thank you for having been tested for COVID-19 before reaching Gustavus. If you feel ill, particularly with symptoms of COVID-19, do not hesitate to contact the Gustavus Clinic. If you are ill, please contact the clinic BEFORE coming to the clinic.

Current Practices of the Gustavus Clinic (SEARHC): Important operational changes regarding COVID-19 from the Gustavus Clinic.

In regards to testing, we currently have a rapid COVID-19 test machine. This can be used if an individual arrives to town and is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and has recently traveled from out of state. We continue with PCR COVID-19 testing which has been ongoing since the onset of the virus.

If you arrive into the town of Gustavus, and start with symptoms of COVID-19 please contact the clinic for consideration of testing at; SEARHC Gustavus Clinic 42 Dolly Varden Drive Gustavus AK 99826, phone:907-697-3008 and fax:907-697-3034.

If you are in business and arriving into Gustavus to restart your business operations, and are considering testing your employees for COVID-19 please contact the clinic and we will discuss the process that this will entail.

We are seeing patients on a daily basis, before you come in to be seen we are screening every individual, and also advising anyone who does arrive for a visit that you will need to wear a mask during your visit at the clinic.

We are performing face-to-face visits, drive-through visits (visit in the parking lot), virtual visits through, home visits, as well as phone visits. In regards to specific requirements relating to COVID-19, and health mandates through the State of Alaska please visit the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services COVID-19 webpage for the latest CDC recommendations and Alaska health mandates and updates as they become available.

If you have specific questions related to the process that the SEARHC Gustavus Clinic is following as a healthcare organization please

Current Business Health Practices

Gustavus business owners are working hard to provide goods and services for you at this difficult time. This letter only indicates the operations of the most commonly frequented establishments. Many other businesses have altered their operations, and we recommended that you become knowledgeable about business adjustments prior to arrival or use of service.

Snug Harbor Liquor
Winter Hours
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
4:00 – 6:00 PM

One person (or bubble) in the store at a time

We will continue credit card sales only

Please respect our staff, wear your mask

Thanks always for your support of this local business. 
Bruce, Colleen and the Snug staff.

Clove Hitch Restaurant
Friday only 4:30 – 8:00 PM
(907) 697-2800

The Clove Hitch is only open one night a week, Friday night. The menu has been simplified to only take out pizza, wings and salads at this time. The restaurant is open Friday 4:30 – 8:00 PM, payment by phone or in person at pick up.

Fireweed Gallery Coffee & Tea House
8am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday.
(907) 697-3013

Locally roasted, expertly crafted organic coffee with all the fixings just the way you like it. The Fireweed Coffee Shop and Fireweed Gallery are open 8am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday.

If you would prefer not to enter public establishments, we have a drive-thru (walking through is welcome)! Fireweed is attempting to make special accommodations as necessary during this time, please call any time! Kelly and her staff are happy to help you by taking your request over the phone along with payment and arranging a time and place to leave your item outside the Fireweed for collection.

Phone: (907) 697-2220

ToshCo kindly asks you to reframe from entering the store if you have traveled or you reside with someone who has travelled outside of Alaska and is currently under 14 day quarantine or if you are awaiting the results of your second Covid-19 test.

If you are under quarantine, waiting for test results or do not wish to enter the store, email your order in and pay with a credit card over the phone, ToshCo will shop on your behalf and place your items for collection right outside the store or you may arrange for a drop off service. Toshco will continue this additional service throughout the summer until further notice.

Steller Botanicals
Jen Landry, R.H. (AHG), Dipl ABT (NCCAOM) FDN-P

These are fast changing times and in a small town, I want to do my best to make sure Steller Botanicals is not a vector for disease transmission.

Health Consultations are by phone or outdoors, please call or text Jen at 907-209-6180 to schedule a consult. Bodywork is not being scheduled at this time.

Garden Supplies, Electric Fencing, Food Preservation Tools, & Herbs: are available by pre-order at: to pre-order items and pay for them. Jen will fill orders on Wednesday and Saturdays and leave them outside the shop for pick up.
Steller Botanicals offers fresh produce in the summer. Garden Starts & Produce are available by pre-order this spring and summer. Contact Jen for a list of starts or produce. We will send out weekly email updates of what is available, contact Jen 907.209.6180 to be added to our harvest list.
One family unit at a time MAY be allowed inside the shop, IF they are wearing masks. This will depend on the progress of the virus and anyone may be denied access at any point. Thank you for your being considerate of those who may be vulnerable and of my space, which is used to provide remedies for such folks.

Thank you for keeping one another healthy! Jen & Larry Landry

Gustavus Library
Take-out services only
M-F 1:30-4:30pm.
call (697-2350) or email (
Internet access: outside the building 24/7

The gustavus public library remains closed to the public until further notice, but will continue offering take-out services (20 books/10 dvds per patron) m-f 1:30-4:30pm. Call (697-2350) or email (

You may sit outside an access the internet with your personal computer or mobile device.

Gustavus Post Office
11am – 2 pm Monday – Friday for customer service
24/7 for P.O. Box access, stamped mail slots, and notice boards

The post office has reduced hours and is open for customer service from 11am – 2 pm M- F.
Please note that masks must be worn inside the Post Office until further notice. The Post office box, stamped mail deposit slots and notice boards are available 24 hrs

Additional Resources

State of Alaska COVID website

City of Gustavus COVID website

Glacier Bay National Park

Alaska Information

Alaska's out-of-state travel updated August 11

Alaskans may expand their social bubbles -- slightly

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services issued guidance on Friday, May 15, to help residents reincorporate social activities with people other than members of our immediate households. In a nutshell: Keep it limited to a very few people, keep it outside, and keep up good hygiene and social-distancing practices.

Read the entire guidance from the Alaska DHSS.

Intrastate travel allowed on roads and ferries

On Tuesday, May 12, Gov. Mike Dunleavy issued Health Mandate 18, allowing travel to resume between communities on the state’s road system — including communities accessibly by the Marine Highway.

The mandate overrides local quarantines imposed by some Southeast communities (such as Angoon).

Phase 2 of Reopen Alaska Responsibly

Beginning Friday, May 8, many businesses required to close by state health mandate may reopen — with specific limits. See complete details about Phase 2 of the Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan. In brief, Phase 2 allows: 

  • 50% capacity for retail, restaurants, and other non-essential businesses outlined in Phase 1 (see Health Mandate 16 for the complete list). Walk-ins permitted.
  • 50% capacity, or up to 20 patrons, for personal care services. Reservations only.
  • 25% capacity for fitness centers. Walk-ins permitted.
  • 50% capacity for swimming pools. Walk-ins permitted.
  • 25% capacity for bars, libraries, and museums. Walk-ins permitted.
  • Social, religious, and other gatherings are limited to 50 persons, with universal face coverings suggested.

Of note: Social distancing and universal face coverings are required in many businesses identified in Phase 2, as a condition of reopening.

If You Think You Are Sick

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing. The SEARHC COVID Hotline is 907-966-8799 (8 A.M. – 5 P.M.). After hours, call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-613-0560.

As of Thursday, March 26, SEARHC will be updating screening criteria to include testing of all patients with a fever and cough, regardless of travel or exposure history. This reflects the realization that there is community-spread occurring in our state.

Alaskans Advised to Wear Face Coverings in Public Places

On Friday, April 3, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services issued Health Alert 10 advising Alaskans to wear face coverings in public places — especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. This is not a mandate. Read the full text of Health Alert 10.

Where do I get a mask?

Following on the heels of advice issued by the state on April 3, Gustavus Incident Command and health services recommends that everyone wear face cover rings in public settings. This is because 1) COVID-19 is transmitted in respiratory droplets, and 2) You may not know if you’ve got it (i.e. you can be “asymptomatic”). Face coverings protect others from an infection that you may not know you have. You may get a mask by contacting the fire hall or the Gustavus Clinic.

State Health Mandates

You can view all State Health Mandates at the Office of the Governor.