About Gustavus

Gustavus, Alaska is the Gateway to Glacier Bay National Park, is unique in its landscape and in its people. As the glaciers that covered the area 200 years ago have receded, the land in Gustavus has risen quickly – over an inch each year — and longtime residents have witnessed phenomenal changes. Land that once was within the tidal zone is now high and dry. Where grasses once predominated, spruce trees now tower.

Early settlers called the town Strawberry Point. Historically, the area was used by the Tlingit people for seasonal harvesting and smoking of salmon. The first successful homestead patent was issued in 1923, although settlers were present here as early as 1917. According to historical records, through “hope and hard work,” several families successfully homesteaded here. The U.S. Postal Service renamed the town in 1925, when the first Post Office was established here.

Today, the community of Gustavus spreads across the rising flatlands, with the hub of the spokes at Four Corners. A unique community of interesting people, Gustavus offers a full range of accommodations and plenty of adventures for travelers.

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