Fireweed Gallery Coffee & Tea House

The Fireweed Gallery Coffee & Tea House is conveniently located at 4 corners in the center of town. Enjoy an outstanding cup of locally roasted and brewed organic coffee and rub shoulders with the locals as they gather for their daily updates of community conversation.
Cakes, cookies and muffins are among the array of yummy goods along with made to order selection of breakfast items and other foods.

If you like milkshakes, then you are in for a treat, they make ‘amazing’ milkshakes, have one on your first day here and you will be hooked and will ‘need’ to have one every day until you leave. If you are going to be in Gustavus for a while, then you probably should exercise a little self control and limit yourself to just one milkshake every other day!

Fireweed Gallery, Coffee & Tea House

Four Corners

907 697 3013

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