Fairweather Cabins

Rich view and basic amenities at a reasonable price in Gustavus, Alaska - the Gateway to the Glacier Bay National Park.

Located less than a mile from the Gustavus Beach on what was the Fairweather Golf Course from 1995 until 2016, we have three cabins for nightly or longer stays. Our cabins are private and have a great view looking out over the old golf course (strawberry patches in season!) and the Fairweather Mountain Range. We are happy to help answer questions electronically before you arrive, but we aren't always available while you're here.  There is no WiFi on the property, and cell service is patchy.  Bicycles are available for use at no cost.  Families are welcome to use the children's play house located on the owners' property next door.  Contact us today to check our rates or to make a reservation.  Or find us on airbnb.com!

Due to COVID-19, we have implemented strict policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of ourselves as well as our guests.  We are a small business run by only two people in the same household.  Should our household become ill, we may have to close and/or cancel upcoming reservations.  Similarly, should our guests become ill we may have to cancel upcoming reservations to allow those guests to extend their stay for proper quarantine of their illness.  Unless there are problems during your stay, there should be no need for us to have contact.  Should there be a problem, we will maintain proper social distancing etiquette and follow CDC sanitization guidelines.  The premises will also be cleaned according to CDC sanitization guidelines between each stay.

Fairweather Cabin

Our Fairweather Cabin includes a modern interior with full-sized kitchen, full bath with washer/ dryer, and one queen bed (cot available upon request.)

Budget Cabins

Due to COVID-19, only one budget cabin is available this summer at a time.  The other cabin will remain empty throughout your stay, and no one else will be using the bathroom/ shower house.

We like to say this cabin is "one step above camping."  The cabin has one queen bed, two twin beds, and a couch that converts into a full-size bed.  All beds are in the same room along with limited kitchen amenities: small fridge, microwave, electric hot plate, basic dishes, no running water.  The bathrooms, sinks, shower, and washer/dryer are in a separate building right next door.

Budget Rentals and Campground

Budget Rentals and Campground
Gustavus, Alaska


Mailing Address
PO Box 199 Gustavus, AK 99826