Biking and Hiking

Biking & Hiking the quiet roads and trails of Gustavus the ‘friendliest small town in Southeast Alaska’ is the best way to explore. Don’t forget to wave at everyone you pass as this is the local customary gesture.

Gustavus is for the most part flat, which makes this little town the perfect place for a bike ride or walk. With only two roads, it is easy to navigate. Yet both roads and every side trail brings the possibilities of moose, bears, wolves and other wildlife encounters.  Cycle from your B&B to the sandy beach, stroll along the shores and watch the sea lions, sea otters and humpback whales without even leaving the shore. Roam the old golf course while foraging for wild sweet strawberries along the way.

Visitors can easily spend a day exploring the Gustavus Forelands Preserve, the beach, the dock and the back roads of Gustavus. Imagine walking the sandy beach at tide line for many miles, crossing low-tide rivers and following the curve of Icy Strait. Gustavus also has trails that lead to river banks, upstream fishing holes, Lake Gustavus and the wild beach at the end of the runway at the airport.

The Nagoonberry Loop Trail is a local favorite. An easy 2.2 mile loop trail through forests and meadows. Watch for wildlife and enjoy the views.

Whether you hike or ride a bike, you will see many shore birds at the Gustavus Dock, the beach, the small boat harbor and the Salmon River, which runs through town near the City Park. Also, amateur and professional photographers alike can’t resist shooting memorable photos with wildflowers in the foreground and mountains just beyond.

Many local accommodations provide bikes. The flat and open terrain with asphalt surface make for pleasant biking. The longest trip, to Bartlett Cove, is under an hour, and other areas around town are just around the corner! Ask your wonderful hosts if they have bikes for you to use.