Alaska Discovery/Mountain Travel Sobek

Alaska Discovery was founded in 1972 on the premise that the best way to protect Alaska’s fragile wilderness was to immerse people in its natural beauty, instilling a passion for America’s Last Frontier. Today, almost 50 years later Mountain Travel Sobek (MTS) continues to uphold the original values of wilderness protection and immersion, and is one of only two companies with a permit to operate in Glacier Bay. MTS offers 3- to 8-day trips in Glacier Bay trips, including our classic 8-day Glacier Bay Kayaking & Wildlife Adventure. On this trip, you’ll paddle past whales at Point Adolphus, camp on remote and pristine beaches, and head to panoramic Glacier Bay National Park for a spectacular kayaking expedition among icebergs and sprawling tidewater glaciers.

With an operations base in Gustavus, Alaska Discovery also has the ability to offer outstanding custom kayaking adventures both inside and outside of Glacier Bay National Park. So, whether you want to paddle the entire length of Glacier Bay, explore the wildlife rich shoreline of Chichagof Island, or visit the remote fjords near the open pacific ocean, our Alaska experts can make it happen.

Alaska Discovery/Mountain Travel Sobek

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