Gustavus Visitors Association - Gustavus, Alaska, 99826, United States

Activities in Gustavus

Biking & Hiking

Visitors can easily spend a day exploring the Nature Conservancy’s Forelands Preserve, the beach, the dock and the back roads of Gustavus. Imagine walking the beach at tide line for many miles, crossing low-tide rivers and following the curve of Icy Strait. Gustavus also has trails that lead to river banks, upstream fishing holes, Lake Gustavus and the wild beach at the end of the runway at the airport. Many local accommodations provide bikes. The flat and open terrain and asphalt surface make for pleasant biking. The longest trip, to Bartlett Cove, is under an hour, and other areas around town are just around the corner!

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New at the '4-Corners' is the Clove Hitch Cafe serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Also for your dining pleasure there are a variety of locations, that, with a little planning, will provide enjoyment and convenience. Around town in the evening: Plan for a lovely dinner with fine cuisine by reserving at some of the local Inns (Annie Mae, Beartrack, or Gustavus Inn) by advance reservation. Or take a drive out to Bartlett Cove and enjoy the sunset over the Fairweather Mountains in the full service restaurant at the Glacier Bay Lodge.

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Fishing & Marine Adventures

Charter fishing and whalewatching await from the Gustavus dock, located in Icy Strait, known for its protected calm waters and abundant marine resources. Marine mammals in the area include humpback whales, orcas, seals, sea lions and sea otters, and expect to see a number of marine birds. Fish in the area include king and Coho salmon, herring, and large halibut.  Book through your accomodation or with the operators, usually in advance. 

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Glacier Bay National Park

Your Glacier Bay National Park awaits!  A catamaran boat tour of Glacier Bay National Park, operated by Aramark, departs the Bartlett Cove Dock every day. The eight-hour trips depart at 7:30 a.m. and head into the West Arm of Glacier Bay. (This is the only day trip available during the summer months.) During the shoulder season, charters by the day are available with advance reservations.

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Visitors can spend an hour, a day or weeks paddling the waters around Gustavus and in Glacier Bay National Park.

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From migrating birds, to the rich temperate rainforests, to the magnificent humpback whales, Gustavus has plenty of subjects for every level of photographer.

New in Gustavus 2016! We have a new business providing first rate photo tours and special event photography.

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Gustavus has a clinic, several churches, library, a grocery store, gas station, trade members including realtors, electricians and our local utilities including our new electric company Alaska Power & Telephone.  Taxi services are a phone call away.

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Gustavus boasts a handful of gift shops. For art visit the Fireweed Art Gallery at four corners, with its all organic coffee and tea shop, also serving sweet and savory crepes!  The Alaska Geographic bookstore at the National Park in Bartlett Cove carries local authors and natural history books.  

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Gustavus Visitors Association

The Gateway to Glacier Bay, Gustavus offers a microcosm of all the natural beauty of Alaska. Gustavus is not too big -- no industry interfering with the wilderness, no influx of cruise travelers, no string of souvenir shops -- and not too small. Lodgings cater to personal tastes and are available in a range of prices and a variety of styles. Many of our restaurants feature local seafood and produce fresh from the garden.