Alaska Native Voices- Interpretive Services

As the traditional homeland of the Huna Tlingit people, the story of Glacier Bay is rich with human history, tradition and stories that continue to be passed on generation to generation. The program offered by Alaska Native Voices Educational Institute works to expand this tradition by sharing this connection to Glacier Bay through interpretation. Native Cultural Heritage Guides board cruise vessels visiting Glacier Bay and provide interpretive and educational programs which include lectures, storytelling, singing, personal interaction and displays of traditional art, tools and craftsmanship. Guides share their deeply personal connections to with visitors from all over the world.

Guides share their personal experiences, clan and family traditions as well as historic use of the area. Visitors witness and discuss where and how traditional activities have taken place and where resources were traditionally harvested and utilized through first-hand exposure and interpretive displays. This use is also contrasted with contemporary influences and the effect that these influences have had on their culture and way of life. Visitors receive insight to traditions and methods which have sustained the Huna Tlingit culture and how these methods continue to reflect lessons of sustainability and respectful use of the land to this day. The connections between modern experiences and lifestyles are contrasted with traditional methods as a means of providing a greater connection between cultures and the experiences they share in common.

Through this interpretive program, cultural preservation is encouraged by perpetuating and expanding knowledge of tradition, language, song and art among the interpreters and community members as well as with visitors. Through this sharing comes a greater sense of knowledge and ownership of Tlingit Culture and tradition which in turn strengthens the community as a whole and assures that this is passed on for coming generations to embrace.

Alaska Native Voices Educational Institute has agreements with Holland America Line, Lindblad Expeditions, Alaskan Dream Cruises, and American Cruise Lines to provide cultural interpretation onboard vessels sailing into Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska. Visitors to Glacier Bay can also explore Native culture through a series of programs and lectures offered each month at Glacier Bay Lodge. Cultural Heritage Guides interact with visitors and provide them with an historical and cultural view of the ties the Huna people have to Sít’ Eeti Gheeyi (Glacier Bay).

Alaska Native Voices Educational Institute has received great reviews for this unique program. Our Cultural Heritage Guides have received certification from the National Association for Interpretation and provide an authentic insight into the spiritual and cultural significance of their traditional homeland.

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